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Money, Not Justice, Will End the 'Tough on Crime' Era

Feminism and Idiots on Facebook

So I shared this old Non Sequitur cartoon that someone else had posted on Facebook the other day, and ended up getting into a bit of an argument with my old boss from the deli where I worked in high school, of all people. He’s always been a bit of a jackass but I’ve always liked him and enjoyed arguing with him, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. We recently became FB friends, and I think now that was a mistake.


After I posted this on Facebook, he left the comment ” Maybe all the women should go live alone in harmony with their sisters, Oh wait, women don t really get along in groups. Hmmm..must be the fault of some man”.

Yeah. That pissed me off. So I replied ”
Perhaps you would be more sympathetic if the inequities described in the cartoon affected men of diminutive stature* instead of women? Or if 1 out of every 6 American men was the victim of an attempted or completed rape instead of 1 out of 6 women? Or how about if men started getting paid 70 cents to the dollar of what women make for the same job? Just a thought”.

* He is rather short. I would not usually go there, but this is like the 10th time he has left an ignorant comment to something political on my wall.

So he responded, ”
As long as you play the victim you will be the victim. Who raised the men that commit rape?”

WHAT.THE.FUCK ??!!! I can’t even really go in to all of the things I have to say in response to this remark. Women are expected to take on the majority, if not all of the responsibility for raising children in our society, and are pressured to meet the expectations of “intensive mothering”, aka sacrifice and devote everything to your children, and are then held responsible for how their kids “turn out”, for lack of a better expression. And this prick has the balls to say “Who raised the men that commit rape?” WHAT.THE.FUCK. I couldn’t even devote the energy to telling this guy what I really thought of his remark, so I just said ”
Yeah blame women for rape. It’s the mothers of the rapists fault. That totally makes sense”. And people wonder why feminist sometimes get angry. Made me think of this sign-


When you have an abusive relationship with yourself, when you objectify yourself, you can actually become less aware of what you physically feel. You’re so focused on making your body do things and obey you that you start to tune out your genuine experience.

—From Sady Doyle’s excellent and inspiring essay for Rookie on body image and mindfulness “You Are Some Body” (via quintessentiallyquirky)

(Source:, via beutifulmagazine)

If You Must Think About Your Weight, Here Are 10 Things to Think

Another day, another opportunity to think about how much space you, as a woman, take up. That’s how it feels when you can’t throw a fat-burning supplement without hitting a visual about the losing of the weight or the gaining of the weight, and who gained what, how they look, how they lost it, and how you can, too. You can’t control these images, but you can control the narrative in your own head. So the next time you get yet another message about weight that implies or outright demands that you consider your own, try thinking these things instead:

Republican Lawmaker Refers to Women as ‘Vaginas’ in Email to Colleague

Are you kidding me?! News outlets are reporting that State Rep. Peter Hansen (R-Amherst) referred to women as “vaginas” in an official email to a colleague ( see email excerpt and more on the story on Jezebel).

Unfuckingbelievable. Except that it isn’t. This kind of off-hand degradation of women comes in many forms and is experienced by women everyday. So to everyone who has ever told me to “calm down”, or not be such an “angry feminist”- this shit is why I get so angry. I do not appreciate that women are constantly being reduced to our body parts, looks or ability to reproduce. I wonder how the female constituents supposedly being represented by Rep. Peter Hansen feel about this?

Here is all of Rep. Hansen’s contact info (available on the web) should you wish to contact him and tell him what an obnoxious sexist prick he is-

Capitol Email

District Email

107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301 
Phone: 603-271-3661

82 Amherst Street
Amherst, NH 03031-3032 
Phone: 603-673-5987 (Home)
Phone: 603-860-1106 (Work)